Vernis Cibel aim to manufacture and commecialize paints and varnishes in many areas such as eyewear , cosmetics , industry ...
In france, in the rhone-alpes region we develop manufacture and distribute basic products or highly technical products according to the expectations of our customers.



Tinting, devellopement and new products research are part of our work. A team job with our partners, providers and customers to develop the product that suits you.
- UV curing machine
- Salt spray
- Immersionn
- Artificial Perspiration
- Aging, abrasion, hardness...
Reach law (EU)


A wide range of high quality products in all activity sector to provide the best to our customers.


A family company that has managed to grow and bring his knowledge and reactivity.

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Activity sectors

  • Eyewear :

  • With over a decade of experience and our partners' experience in eyewear's sector we provide a wide range of products such as single-component varnish or various metallic, pearly, thermal effects...

  • Cosmetic :

  • Development, conception and manufacturing of varnishes for every type of platsic or glasses.
    The range of product can be :

  • Traditional
  • UV
  • Hydrolic
  • High Solids

  • All depending on the specifications of our customers.

  • Industry :

  • We have a wide range of signgle-component products with finishing solvent, aqueous or UV in many areas such as automobile and few other. We are working with wood, glass, plastic (ABS, NYLON, PC, PE, PP, PT, PY, PVC, SAN...) and metals or composite (aluminum, zamak, titanium).

  • Metal industry :

  • In this category we are dealing with a paint sytem in solvent or aqueous phase in the following areas :

  • Industrial body
  • Machine tools
  • Construction machine
  • Metalworking
  • Carpentry
  • Metal furniture
  • Soil treatment (painting, interior & exterior markings)

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